Three Main Rules Of Roulette

Unfortunately, at this stage on the Internet there is such a tendency that gullible players who do not yet have a lot of experience pay very, very serious money to people who sell information products on the Internet, “guaranteeing” 100% victory in classic roulette. Remember that there is no effective and efficient way to win that always works – there is always a risk of failure.

However, if you are tired of the monotonous process of playing roulette and you want to diversify it, it makes sense to use the system of three rules, which significantly increases the player’s individual chances of winning. Losses are possible here, there is no getting away from it. Let’s try to figure out the specifics of this game.

How Does The Three-Rule System Work?

Note for beginners – the new spin of the Sure Win roulette wheel has no connection with the previous spins, the spins are random. For example, if in a game session the red numbers appear 10 times in a row, the subsequent falling out of the red number has the same chances of winning as any of the previous spins. The odds of getting even-odd and red-black on the roulette wheel have a 50/50 probability, unless, of course, zero is taken into account (which many players do, but it cannot be completely written off).

Actually, do not trust the sellers of miracle techniques, because you cannot predict or somehow calculate the spin, the result of the rotation. If these methods exist, no one will spread about them in the public domain, and certainly these methods are illegal.

Remember, if you plan to use a mathematical system to play roulette, you perform this action at your own risk, absolutely no chance of winning in this case. Despite all sorts of positive aspects and arguments that sellers or authors of this or that technique give you, we must not forget that the subsequent spin will not depend on the previous spins in

Thus, it makes no sense to count something, use some tricky moves, this is nothing more than a way to diversify your playing session. Everything rests on a single rule – each new spin has no connection with the previous one, and a player who bets on absolutely arbitrary numbers will have the same chances of winning as a player who bets chips at some tricky rates.

Rule Number 1

The most profitable is the French one, but you cannot find it everywhere. But if the choice is only between American and European – give preference to the latter, since American roulette has 2 zeros and, accordingly, the casino advantage is twice as high, namely 5.26 against 2.7% in the European version.

Rule Number 2

Remain sober and don’t let your emotions take over. If you feel that it is better not to make the next bet – refrain from it. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose, and never bet on individual numbers unless you just want to try your luck. The odds of hitting red / black and even / odd are higher than hitting a single number.

Rule Number 3

We can say a continuation of the previous point. There are bets in which the chances of winning are very high. These bets have equal odds – odd / even above, red / black, above / below. Despite the fact that the payments at this kind of rates are not very large (double increase, payout 1 to 1), the chances of winning here are much higher than in other cases.