Victoria BC

Victoria BC is your “Lotus Land”.

Welcome to Victoria BC. Our “Lotus Land” is a place or state of languid contentment. It’s not a myth and it’s closer than you think. British Columbia’s capital city is located just a short hop off the British Columbia mainland.

This BC West Coast paradise is accessible to/from the mainland by regular ferry sailings. These impressive ships criss-cross in the direction of Vancouver but also towards various points in nearby Washington state.

Victoria also has an international airport that makes for easy connections, no matter where you’re coming form or going to. Also, a notable fleet of flat planes will take you to nearby points on the mainland and other scenic locations, up and down the coast. Float planes can land in the city downtown area (Inner Harbour) as well at various marinas around the city. Affordable scheduled service is quick, frequent and safe.

Victoria bc inner harbour

The quay at Victoria bc Inner Harbour is a popular spot to hang out and meet the friendly locals.

The cool ocean waters drape themselves graciously around Victoria BC. The vistas provide a year-round resort-like feel. A haven, just a pleasant ferry crossing away from major centres like Vancouver and Seattle. The Victoria BC area remains quiet, calm, relatively under-populated. It’s also totally scenic by any standard.

Taking a quick visit to the Victoria BC area easily becomes habit-forming.

Visitors often turn into residents, re-inventing a lifestyle that truly combines the best of both worlds.

Victoria BC is a real city, including all of the services and employment opportunities one might expect. It’s also retained is smallish feel due to clever city planning and excellent preservation efforts.

The ferries, float planes and land-based planes to and from the Victoria BC area pretty much run like clockwork. Taking the ferry provides a bit of a cruise-like feeling. Taking the float plane or regular plane is super efficient.

Transit service in and around Victoria BC is good. You could consider to not bring your car. BC Transit provides excellent service for such a small fee that it’s really a great alternative to driving:

Of course, Victoria BC is also known as a bicycle city. Many bicycle lanes, trails and paths will speed you along quite nicely. Walking is also a great option in and around Victoria BC.

Links to the various communities around Victoria BC are available in the upper menu selections. Or here: Enjoy your virtual tour!

A few more images from right here, in and around Victoria BC:

A waterfront scene in Victoria BC history preservation

Many older buildings along the Victoria BC waterfront were nicely preserved or restored.

Victoria BC waterfront fishing scenery

Visitors and residents can enjoy the waterfront and go fishing in most seasons.


Wildlife around Victoria BC with deer in the gardens.

They may eat your gardens but they are also a beautiful sight. A family of deer in the yard.


Water view at Songhees Point, Inner Harbour Victoria BC

A view across the Inner Harbour at Victoria BC. The ocean is never far away.


Victoria BC tourism scenery and friendly residents

Victoria is a tourism magnet to visitors from nearby and far away.


Victoria BC floatplane service to Vancouver BC

Frequent float plane service is available from the Victoria BC Inner Harbour to Vancouver.


Parks and gardens in Victoria BC and high rises.

There are some tall buildings in the city. However, there are also many parks and gardens.

Victoria BC is a city of gardens and parks.

Gardening in Victoria BC is a year-round activity that’s very popular.

down town victoria st andrew's church roman catholic cathedral

The rectory, church and steeple at St Andrew’s, the Roman Catholic Cathedral in downtown Victoria make particularly dramatic night time down town scenery.